EHF European Cup 2017/18 - Player - Serpil Iskenderoglu
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2017/18 Season Club(s):
Kastamonu Belediyesi GSK (TUR)
until 30.06.2018
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This Season Scores
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Players' History - Competitions, Clubs & Goals
CHALLENGE CUP 2015/16 ► Kastamonu B. Genclik SK (TUR) 60
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2013/14 ► Muratpasa Belediyesi SK (TUR) 16
CHALLENGE CUP 2011/12 ► Muratpasa Belediyesi SK (TUR) 56
EHF CUP 2010/11 ► Izmir BSB SK (TUR) 17
EHF CUP 2009/10 ► Izmir BSB SK (TUR) 21
CHALLENGE CUP 2008/09 ► Izmir BSB SK (TUR) 69
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2006/07 ► 1. FC Nürnberg (GER) 19
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2005/06 ► Anadolu University S.C. (TUR) 34
CHALLENGE CUP 2003/04 ► Anadolu University S.C. (TUR) 56
EHF CL 2002/03 ► TMO SC Ankara (TUR)
EHF CUP 2002/03 ► TMO SC Ankara (TUR)
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2001/02 ► TMO SC Ankara (TUR)
EHF CL 2000/01 ► TMO Ankara (TUR)
EHF CUP 2000/01 ► TMO Ankara (TUR)
EHF CUP 1997/98 ► TMO Ankara (TUR)
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Fact Sheet
Score:  55
Shirt N°  13
Playing position:  Centre Back
Place of birth:  Istanbul
Date of birth:  15.07.1982
Height:  166 cm
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