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 Team Tvis Holstebro
Team Tvis Holstebro
Hostrupsvej 27
7500 Holstebro
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2014/15 Team-Photo
EHF Cup 2014/15 Participation
Team Tvis HolstebrovsRostov-Don33 :20(12 :12)
Rostov-DonvsTeam Tvis Holstebro33 :22(17 :11)
Muratpasa Belediye SKvsTeam Tvis Holstebro25 :38(14 :18)
Team Tvis HolstebrovsMuratpasa Belediye SK29 :24(11 :11)
Team Tvis HolstebrovsIssy Paris Hand40 :27(19 :15)
Issy Paris HandvsTeam Tvis Holstebro32 :20(17 :10)
► LAST 16
Team Tvis HolstebrovsHandball Club Lada32 :29(16 :13)
Handball Club LadavsTeam Tvis Holstebro30 :32(15 :15)
Team Tvis HolstebrovsHB Dudelange45 :18(20 :8)
HB DudelangevsTeam Tvis Holstebro19 :50(8 :28)
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EHF Club Competition History
EHF CUP 2016/17 - Qualification Round 3 ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2015/16 - Finals ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2013/14 - Qualification Tournaments 2 ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2013/14 - Last 16 ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2012/13 - Finals ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2011/12 - Quarter Final ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2010/11 - Finals ▼ MATCHES
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EHF European Cup Top Results
EHF Cup: 3 finals, 2 wins
2014/15 WINNER
2012/13 WINNER
2010/11 FINALIST
Cup Winners' Cup: 1 finals, 1 win
2015/16 WINNER
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Season NewsAll News ►  
Holstebro win EHF Cup despite 11-goal defeat in RussiaFINAL MATCH REVIEW: Rostov-Don came close, but not close enough in second leg of the Women's EHF Cup final.
Holstebro want to bring the EHF Cup home againPREVIEW: Rostov-Don will try and make the impossible possible on Saturday, when they try to bounce back from their 20:33 defeat against the Danish side in the Women's EHF Cup's first leg
15 goals from Hagman as Holstebro move close to triumphFINAL MATCH REVIEW: Team Tvis Holstebro close to winning Women's EHF Cup after 13-goal win.
Huge respect between EHF Cup finalistsPREVIEW: One Danish coach will cheer at the end. Will it be Holstebro's Agesen or Rostov's Leslie.
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2014/15 TeamScorers ►  
Andersen Stine
Blohm Linn (SWE)
Dahl Henriette
Dragojevic Daniella
Due Louise Bager
Hagman Nathalie (SWE)
Hald Sara Trier
Hansen Sanne Beck
Kjaer Betina Boel
Kristiansen Kristina
Mikkelsen Ida Langbo
Möller Laerke Winther
Mogensen Lise Wiesmach
Nielsen Anne Sofie Hjort
Nielsen Sofie Neldeberg
Norgaard Osterballe
Ann Grete
Pedersen Laerke Nolsoe
Roberts Jamina (SWE)
Solberg Silje Margaretha (NOR)
Sonne Ann Sofie
Vium Ida Kramer
Zobbe Mia Lisbjerg
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