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 Futebol Clube do Porto
Futebol Clube do Porto
Estadio do Dragao Via FC Porto,
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EHF Cup Participation
HC MidtjyllandvsFutebol Clube do Porto29 :26(13 :15)
Futebol Clube do PortovsFrisch Auf Göppingen27 :31(14 :13)
Futebol Clube do PortovsFraikin BM. Granollers23 :22(9 :11)
Fraikin BM. GranollersvsFutebol Clube do Porto33 :22(14 :8)
Futebol Clube do PortovsHC Midtjylland25.03.2017
Frisch Auf GöppingenvsFutebol Clube do Porto01.04.2017
Bregenz HandballvsFutebol Clube do Porto27 :28(14 :14)
Futebol Clube do PortovsBregenz Handball31 :29(17 :11)
Futebol Clube do PortovsRD Koper 201331 :24(16 :11)
RD Koper 2013vsFutebol Clube do Porto22 :26(12 :14)
B.S.B. BatumivsFutebol Clube do Porto16 :49(9 :23)
Futebol Clube do PortovsB.S.B. Batumi44 :16(21 :7)
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EHF Club Competition History
EHF CL 2015/16 - Group Phase ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2014/15 - Qualification Tournaments ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2014/15 - Group Phase ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2013/14 - Group Phase ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2012/13 - Qualification Tournaments ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2012/13 - Round 3 ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2011/12 - Qualification Tournaments ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2011/12 - Last 16 ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2010/11 - Qualification Tournament ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2010/11 - Last 16 ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2009/10 - Qualification Tournament ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2009/10 - Round 3 ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2007/08 - 1/8 Final ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2004/05 - Qualification ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2004/05 - Round 2 ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2001/02 - 1/4-finals ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2000/01 - 1/4-finals ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 1999/00 - 1/16-finals ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 1998/99 - 1/8-finals ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 1997/98 - 1/16-finals ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 1996/97 - 1/8-finals ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 1995/96 - 1/16-finals ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 1994/95 - 1/16-finals ▼ MATCHES
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Season NewsAll News ►  
Huge wins for Granollers and MagdeburgDAY REVIEW: Two of Sunday's three Men's EHF Cup matches ended in double-digit victories for the home teams, while Füchse got a useful away win.
Crunch time as group phase reaches half-way markROUND PREVIEW: All teams in the various groups of the Men's EHF Cup Group Phase have met each other once, and now prepare for the second-leg clashes with the first match of the week on Wednesday.
First defeats for Kolding and MelsungenEHF CUP REVIEW: KIF Kolding Kobenhavn and MT Melsungen suffer first defeats, while Porto claim first win of the Men's EHF Cup Group Phase on Saturday.
EHF Cup Group Phase debutants put to the test againROUND PREVIEW: Three debutants in this season's EHF Cup Group Phase won their Round 1 matches, but Round 2 is prone to show that nothing comes easy in this top competition
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TeamScorers ►  
Alves Miguel
Amador Salina Daymaro
Barbosa Tomas
Bravo Quintana Alfredo
Carrillo Gutierrez Jose Mario (ESP)
Carvalho Pedro
Cesar Rodrigues Gustavo (BRA)
Cuni Morales Yoel (CUB)
Delgado Santos Hugo
Fernandes Leonel
Hernandez Borges Alexis (CUB)
Iturriza Alvarez Victor Manuel (CUB)
Madeira Laurentino Hugo
Matic Marko (CRO)
Rodrigues Areia Antonio
Romero Carreras Alejandro (CUB)
Santaela Felipe (BRA)
Semedo Leandro (CPV)
Silva Diogo
Silva Moreira Ricardo
Soares Martins Miguel
Sousa Martins Silva Rui
Spelic Nikola (CRO)
Toniazzo Lemos
Patrick Andre (BRA)
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