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Jacob Jorgensen
Staerkaervej 1
5884 Gudme
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2016/17 Team-Photo
EHF Cup 2016/17 Participation
Saint-Raphael Var HandballvsGOG32 :36(17 :19)
GOGvsRD Riko Ribnica32 :27(19 :10)
Füchse BerlinvsGOG37 :29(17 :12)
GOGvsFüchse Berlin26 :31(10 :13)
GOGvsSaint-Raphael Var Handball28 :32(15 :17)
RD Riko RibnicavsGOG31 :36(14 :17)
Alingsas HKvsGOG29 :26(17 :15)
GOGvsAlingsas HK33 :27(10 :13)
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EHF Club Competition History
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EHF CL 2008/09 - Main Round ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2007/08 - Main Round ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2006/07 - 1/8 Final ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2005/06 - 1/4 Final ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2004/05 - 1/8 Final ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2003/04 - Round 3 ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2002/03 - Round 4 ▼ MATCHES
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EHF CUP 1999/00 - 1/4-finals ▼ MATCHES
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EHF CL 1995/96 - Champions League ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 1994/95 - finals ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 1993/94 - 1/4-finals ▼ MATCHES
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EHF European Cup Top Results
Cup Winners' Cup: 1 finals
1994/95 FINALIST
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Season NewsAll News ►  
GOG bow out with clear winMATCH REVIEW: The Men's EHF Cup Group Phase ended on Sunday with a 36:31 away win for GOG against Ribnica.
Magdeburg first to qualify for quarter-finalsDAY REVIEW: SC Magdeburg are the only team completely sure to reach the quarter-finals after Saturday's Men's EHF Cup matches.
Huge wins for Granollers and MagdeburgDAY REVIEW: Two of Sunday's three Men's EHF Cup matches ended in double-digit victories for the home teams, while Füchse got a useful away win.
Crunch time as group phase reaches half-way markROUND PREVIEW: All teams in the various groups of the Men's EHF Cup Group Phase have met each other once, and now prepare for the second-leg clashes with the first match of the week on Wednesday.
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2016/17 TeamScorers ►  
Bruus Mads Michael
Clausen Frederik Kiehn
Holst Jensen Andreas
Jakobsen Henrik (NOR)
Joendal Magnus (NOR)
Goeran Soegaard (NOR)
Krabbe Frederik
Kronborg Lasse
Laen Torsten
Lindenchrone Andersen
Lonberg Andreas
Mikkelsen Frank
Möller Tobias Torpegaard
Møller Lasse Kjaer
Mosel Mathias Hoyer
Rosendahl Lasse
Strandgaard Petersen Mark
Vest Kirkelokke Niclas
Christensen Espen (NOR)
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