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 A.E.K. Athens
A.E.K. Athens
Fokon 9
143 41 Nea Filadelfia-Athens
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Challenge Cup Participation
AHC Potaissa TurdavsA.E.K. Athens33 :22(14 :11)
A.E.K. AthensvsAHC Potaissa Turda27 :26(11 :18)
AM Madeira Andebol SADvsA.E.K. Athens21 :29(6 :16)
A.E.K. AthensvsAM Madeira Andebol SAD23 :23(13 :12)
A.E.K. AthensvsHC Berchem32 :25(17 :13)
HC BerchemvsA.E.K. Athens18 :32(8 :15)
► LAST 16
Göztepe SKvsA.E.K. Athens29 :25(16 :12)
A.E.K. AthensvsGöztepe SK32 :23(14 :11)
London GD HCvsA.E.K. Athens16 :40(8 :20)
A.E.K. AthensvsLondon GD HC41 :21(21 :10)
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EHF Club Competition History
CHALLENGE CUP 2015/16 - Round 3 ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2013/14 - Qualification Tournaments ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2013/14 - Qualification Round 3 ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2012/13 - Round 1 ▼ MATCHES
EHF CL 2011/12 - Qualification Tournaments ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2011/12 - Round 2 ▼ MATCHES
CHALLENGE CUP 2010/11 - Quarter Final ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2009/10 - Round 3 ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2007/08 - Round 2 ▼ MATCHES
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EHF European Cup Top Results
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Season NewsAll News ►  
Turda take first European title on second attemptFINAL REVIEW: After losing the Men's Challenge Cup Final last year, the Romanian side have lifted the trophy this season despite a defeat against Athens in the return leg of the final
Turda chase first title in historic surroundingsFINAL PREVIEW: The Romanian side carry an 11-goal lead into the decisive leg of the Men's Challenge Cup Final against Athens in the 2004 Olympic hall on Sunday
Turda earn superb win to take upper hand against AEKCHALLENGE CUP FINAL REVIEW: With one of the best performances ever in the team’s history, AHC Potaissa Turda swept AEK Athens aside in the first leg of the Men’s Challenge Cup final, 33:22.
Turda chasing revenge, while AEK hope for first triumphFINAL PREVIEW: After losing the Men's Challenge Cup final last year, AHC Potaissa Turda are chasing revenge this year, while final debutants AEK. Athens are hoping for their first triumph.
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TeamScorers ►  
Alikakos Ioannis
Antoniadis Ioannis-Prodromos
Argyrou Julios (CYP)
Chatsikas Ilias
Dompris Charlampos
Georgiadis Dionysios
Hoggas Malik (FRA)
Lokken Jonas (DEN)
Mantzopoulos Georgios
Mylonas Christodoulos
Nikolaidis Christos
Nikolaidis Panagiotis
Perros-Perrakis Georgios
Radulovic Radule (SRB)
Syngaris Athanasios
Tsigogianopoulos Giannis
Vamvakas Charalambos
Vrazalica Eldin (SRB)
Zampounis Efstathios
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