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 Sporting CP
Sporting CP
Rua Professor Fernando Fonseca
Apt. 4120
1501-806 Lisboa
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2016/17 Team-Photo
Challenge Cup 2016/17 Participation
Sporting CPvsAHC Potaissa Turda37 :28(19 :11)
AHC Potaissa TurdavsSporting CP24 :30(8 :13)
JMS Hurry-UpvsSporting CP27 :32(14 :15)
Sporting CPvsJMS Hurry-Up37 :14(21 :7)
A.C. DoukasvsSporting CP23 :35(10 :21)
Sporting CPvsA.C. Doukas27 :25(14 :14)
► LAST 16
HC Pelister BitolavsSporting CP18 :32(7 :16)
Sporting CPvsHC Pelister Bitola34 :26(15 :14)
Sporting CPvsA.S.D. Romagna Handball32 :25(16 :11)
A.S.D. Romagna HandballvsSporting CP24 :37(8 :16)
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Season NewsAll News ►  
Sporting dominate final to win Challenge CupFINAL, SECOND LEG REVIEW: Backed by a huge lead from the first leg, the Portuguese side never saw their cup victory in danger against Potaissa Turda and won the final 67:52 on aggregate.
Potaissa Turda seek to climb another mountainFINAL PREVIEW: In the semi-final of the Men's Challenge Cup, AHC Potaissa Turda managed to come back from an eight-goal deficit. They will need to attempt a similar feat against Sporting CP in the second leg of the final.
Dominant Sporting confirmed as Challenge Cup favouritesFINAL, FIRST LEG REVIEW: Sporting CP emerged as the clear favourites to win the Challenge Cup trophy with a emphatic win over AHC Potaissa Turda.
Turda expect ‘David and Goliath’ against SportingFINAL, FIRST LEG PREVIEW: Both final matches will be shown live on ehfTV.com.
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2016/17 TeamScorers ►  
Araujo Edmilson
Asanin Matej (CRO)
Bjelanovic Bosko
Bozovic Janko (AUT)
Carneiro Carlos
Carol Marzo Frankis (CUB)
Cudic Aljosa (SLO)
Gaspar Bruno
Gaspar Manuel
Kopco Michal (SVK)
Nikcevic Ivan (SRB)
Oneto Zuniga Marco Antonio (ITA)
Pedroso Claudio
Pinto Joao
Portela Pedro
Ruesga Pasarin Carlos (ESP)
Solha Pedro
Tavares Francisco
Zabic Igor (SLO)
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