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 Vipers Kristiansand
Vipers Kristiansand
Terje Marcussen
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EHF Cup Participation
Vipers KristiansandvsSCM Craiova05.05.2018
SCM CraiovavsVipers Kristiansand12.-13.05.18
Viborg HKvsVipers Kristiansand34 :31(18 :16)
Vipers KristiansandvsViborg HK29 :23(15 :14)
Vipers KristiansandvsBrest Bretagne Handball26 :17(12 :10)
Brest Bretagne HandballvsVipers Kristiansand34 :29(18 :17)
Vipers KristiansandvsIssy Paris Hand22 :23(12 :13)
Koebenhavn HaandboldvsVipers Kristiansand30 :25(16 :13)
Handball Club LadavsVipers Kristiansand29 :24(14 :12)
Vipers KristiansandvsHandball Club Lada30 :21(14 :11)
Issy Paris HandvsVipers Kristiansand24 :25(12 :9)
Vipers KristiansandvsKoebenhavn Haandbold30 :23(11 :12)
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EHF Club Competition History
EHF CUP 2016/17 - Qualification Round 2 ▼ MATCHES
CUP WINNERS' CUP 2015/16 - Quarter Final ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2004/05 - 1/8 Final ▼ MATCHES
EHF CUP 2003/04 - 1/2 Final ▼ MATCHES
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EHF European Cup Top Results
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Season NewsAll News ►  
Women’s EHF Cup trophy to be decided in CraiovaDRAW REVIEW: While the home right in the Women’s EHF Cup final was determined by a draw, the Challenge Cup Final was decided by regulations
Vipers and Craiova write historySEMI-FINAL REVIEW: Vipers took revenge on Viborg, while a home draw against Kastamonu was enough for Craiova to reach the Women's EHF Cup final.
Craiova and Viborg have sights on EHF Cup FinalSEMI-FINAL PREVIEW: Both teams from Romania and Denmark take a small advantage from the first matches, against Kastamonu and Vipers, into the decisive semi-final leg this weekend
Craiova and Viborg claim victoriesSEMI-FINAL REVIEW: Craiova narrowly won at Kastamonu, while Viborg beat Vipers at home in the first leg matches of the Women’s EHF Cup semi-final
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TeamScorers ►  
Arntzen Emilie Hegh
Dahlum Karine Emilie
Fagerheim Eline
Hauge Sakura
Jensen Lina Marie
Jonassen Vilde
Kristensen Mathilde (DEN)
Kristiansen Jeanett
Larsen Aune Malin
Lunde Katrine
Lunde Borgesen Kristine
Naes Andersen
Sunniva Amalie
Noersteboe Kristin
Olsen Karoline
Refsnes Tonje
Skaar Brattset Kari
Skaug Pernille Wang
Sulland Linn Jorum
Tomac Marta
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